Erin Swearingen

Erin Swearingen is a Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP) with over 20 years of experience in business continuity, disaster recovery and emergency preparedness and management. Erin has designed and implemented business continuity programs for various industries including the utility and financial industries.

Erin has been with Avista for over 8 years and has implemented the Enterprise Business Continuity program which includes business continuity, disaster recovery and emergency operations response. She has also developed and implemented emergency response and life safety programs, promoting employee safety, personal preparedness and preparedness education.

Erin currently serves as the Chair of the Western Region Mutual Assistance Group – Executive Committee, and represents the WRMAG as a member of EEI’s Mutual Assistance/Emergency Preparedness Committee. Erin also serves as the President of the Washington State Chapter of the Association of Continuity Professionals (ACP).

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