Gordon Pickering

Gordon Pickering, Navigant Consulting, Inc. is a Director in Navigant’s Fuels Analysis practice, in Sacramento, CA. He has over 30 years of energy industry experience, in the natural gas and power industries in the United States and Canada. His background includes over a decade in marketing with a large oil and natural gas exploration and production company and over eleven years in energy marketing and business development with a natural gas marketing company and with a publicly owned electric utility. The last nine years he has been with Navigant in Sacramento, California.

Mr. Pickering is co-author of the ‘North American Natural Gas Supply Assessment’ study, a gas supply research project for the American Clean Skies Foundation. This widely distributed study updated the natural gas resource base in North America and was first issued in July of 2008 and was one of the first studies that helped identify natural gas as an abundant, clean and domestic fuel supply source. Based on the study he continues to be very interested in supporting shale gas development in North America and natural gas’ role in the ‘low carbon economy’ of the future. He also has a long association with the natural gas electric generation sector where when he was in the industry he provided delivered natural gas fuel supply to many gas-fired electric generators and as a consultant has advised generators, utilities and others regarding options available in their fuel portfolio plans.

Over the last number of years has prepared a variety of studies and market assessments working for the LNG sector in North America, including work assessing the impact of climate change and RPS standards on LNG development. Recently, he has done work in support of LNG projects filing export permits for delivery of US gas supply overseas. He also was most recently responsible for the market assessment report that supported Cheniere Energy’s successful Department of Energy application for their Sabine Pass LNG export terminal.

Mr. Pickering holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from the University of Alberta as well as a BA in Economics from the University of Alberta.

Mr. Pickering is a Director in Navigant’s fuels (gas, oil, coal) long term forecasting and analytics team and is a member of California Independent Petroleum Association, the Power Association of Northern California, the Western Energy Institute and Western States Petroleum Association.

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