Haley Edwards

Haley Edwards is a Senior Resource Scientist with Puget Sound Energy’s Environmental and Program Services Group. During her 7 years at PSE she has supported the avian protection program by addressing bird and power line interactions, leading avian management for PSE’s wind facilities, and supporting hydro license implementation related to birds and habitat management. Haley has contributed to the avian program through facilitating positive relationships with state and federal agencies, responding to and mitigating avian/power line incidents, contributing as an active member of the Avian Power Line Interaction Committee, conducting avian studies and habitat improvement projects, implementing process improvement strategies, and completing several documents, including PSE’s revised Avian Protection Plan, and Bird and Bat Conservation Strategies for each of PSE’s wind facilities. Haley has more than 13 years of experience in her field of wildlife and habitat studies and management. Her background includes working for a nature center, land conservancy, National Park, and independent consultant, focusing on a variety of species including several eastern songbirds, endangered butterflies, marbled murrelets, and northern spotted owls. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science with a double major in Environmental Studies and Writing from Western Michigan University.

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