Ivan Jovanovic

Ivan Jovanovic has worked in various Engineering, R&D, Marketing and Product Management positions in Power Systems industry for last 22 years. He obtained his electrical engineering degree from the University of Belgrade (Serbia) and his MBA degree from Loyola University Chicago.
Since 2001 he is with G&W Electric Company, where he started as a R&D Engineer in Cable Accessories group and now has global engineering responsibility for Cable Accessories and Current Limiting devices product lines.
Ivan oversees development and market introduction of HV and EHV terminations and joints for both extruded and oil-impregnated paper cables up to 500 kV as well MV current limiters and has been involved in all aspects of cable systems, from design to field application, diagnostics and maintenance.
Ivan authored and co-authored many papers and studies in the field of power systems and was invited speaker at US and international conferences and forums. He is very active in industry organizations and is currently chairing future IEEE standard for Transmission Terminations and Joints. He is US representative in different capacities in international organizations and standardization bodies CIGRE and IEC.

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