Ivan Rastami

As the Manager of Customer Strategy & Operations for Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), Ivan Rostami is responsible for over 180 employees and a $20+ million annual budget. He manages dual operations for both SMUD’s contact center and CES contact center which supports CCA clients under the profit arm of the organization. With over 25 years of overall contact center experience, Ivan combines the knowledge he acquired in his previous role with AT&T Wireless as a National Forecasting Manager along with his 12+ years at SMUD to run his operations. His expertise in global resource management, contact center forecasting and operations has helped him exceed KPI’s and deliver a high level of employee satisfaction. For most utilities, 2020 created many unique challenges to operations, especially the contact center. Ivan has leveraged his broad skillset and background to find creative solutions while consistently maintaining exceptional customer experiences for both his customers and staff.

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