Jason Nemjo

Jason Nemjo has worked at Clark Public Utilities since 1999 starting out as a Meter Reader in the Field Service Department and transitioned into the Joint Use Department in 2002.
While running the Joint Use Department, primarily of one with one intern Jason has fostered six interns over the years successfully placing three of them in full time positions at Clark Public Utilities, one of them in the Joint Use Department making it a Department of two with one intern.
Over the years Jason has overseen numerous contract negotiations, developed pole attachment construction standards, conducted a complete system pole audit and created several day-to-day operation processes as personnel, technology and the industry has changed.
Jason has been attending the Western Energy Institute Annual Joint Use Conference consecutively since 2003, participating on the PDT to some degree since 2005, Vice Chairing in 2009 and Chairing in 2010.
Jason loves the challenge of coordinating multiple utility industries to utilize limited access to provide the vital services that society has become to depend on every day that the general public has no idea even exists. He has a passion to educate those new to the industry with the idea that they should not have to reinvent the wheel and could perhaps contribute with new ideas of their own to help advice the industry of Joint Use to the next level.

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