Jeff Wilding

Jeff Wilding has worked for Pacific Gas & Electric for just over 34 years. Jeff began his career in Power Generation where he became a Journeyman Electrician. In 1993 Jeff moved into the training organization as the Electrical Instructor/Performance Consultant teaching courses and developing apprenticeship programs. From 2000 through 2007 Jeff worked in PG&E’s Labor Relations Department supporting union negotiations and handling grievance cases. In 2008 Jeff rejoined the training organization now called PG&E Academy leading a curriculum development team and eventually became the interim Director of Learning Development and Delivery at the Companies Livermore Training Facility. In 2013 Jeff took on the job of Division Superintendent for the San Francisco Division. In December of 2014 Jeff was asked to lead the Employee Knowledge & Skills program for PG&E Electric Operations Department. He helped design and implement the program before leaving PG&E Academy and is currently assigned as the Manager of the program.

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