John Gibson

John Zachary Gibson, P.E.
Chief R&D Engineer, Manager of Distribution Services | Avista Utilities

John Gibson is an experienced engineer working at Avista for over twenty five year leading a variety of power and innovation projects. John’s positions at Avista have included hydro generation, facility management systems, distribution planning, smart grid DMS systems, storage and micro-grid projects. As the Chief R&D engineer, John is one of the principle team members responsible for envisioning, proposing and implementation grid edge projects. The grid edge projects focus on blending renewable resources, DERM’s, and rate design into a new utility delivery platform. John’s most recent effort is the sponsorship of an eco-district designed to incorporate private investment into utility infrastructure to achieve “net-zero” and “carbon free” cost effective developments. John holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical (BSEE) and civil engineering (BSCE) from Gonzaga University and a Masters in Engineering Management from Washington State University.

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