John Price

With over 20 years of experience in the utility and emergency management fields, John Price is a well respected and recognized safety leader.
Mr. Price has a diverse working history in roles as a Power Line Technician and Fire Fighter for the City of Calgary. In addition, John gained experience through a variety of Officer positions in Emergency Management (CEMA), Health and Safety and Inspections while in the fire service. Among a list of major events John responded to, he was a member of the Incident Command team supporting the Slave Lake fires response, and also as a subject matter expert for the Medicine Hat floods during his service in the Calgary Emergency Management Agency.

In his current role, Mr. Price supports a team of environment, safety and data integrity professionals who provide proactive leadership across ENMAX. This includes all compliance matters within environment and safety, proactive messaging and analytics as well as providing subject matter expertise to the ENMAX team as they continue along their journey of excellence.

Mr. Price has a high degree of integrity, is a lifelong learner and has a passion for working with high performing teams. This is inclusive of work and sport within his community. He is a successful coach and mentor for young athletes from all ages.

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