Joshua Wepman

Josh Wepman is an expert in the architecture, design, measurement, security, and management of largescale energy and telecommunication data systems and analytics. In his role as CTO, he focuses on developing a deep understanding of the evolving challenges the energy market faces, a broad understanding of the potential application of emerging technology breakthroughs, and develops focused strategies to leverage that understanding into impactful solutions and opportunities for change. Josh has led innovation teams focused on areas such as digital engineering, advanced grid planning, spatial analytics, storm recovery, reliability engineering, and most recently, scaled drone autonomy. Josh has authored numerous white papers and presentations on the business challenges that face modern utilities, and the role data, analytics, and culture can play in creating competitive modern enterprises. He supports numerous utility industry conferences, task forces, and participated on the North American Electric Reliability Corporation Smart Grid Task Force. Josh is also a volunteer instructor at the Institute for Public Utilities Annual Regulatory Studies Program and a proud graduate of Michigan State University.

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