Joy Sage

Joy Sage works at Tacoma Power. She is currently the Reliability & Compliance Supervisor in the Utility Technology Services (UTS) section. In this role, she is responsible for Tacoma Power’s Records Management Program, Cyber Security Awareness and Training, and ensuring Tacoma Power’s compliance with the NERC Reliability Standards.

Joy is a Tacoma native and originally started work at Tacoma Power in 1998 as a high school intern with the Tacoma Youth Works program. Upon completing her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Washington in 2003, she began working as a full-time employee in the Generation section of Tacoma Power. In 2009, Joy joined the Reliability & Compliance office, leading the development of document and records management practices around Tacoma Power’s Internal Compliance Program. As Tacoma Power’s compliance program evolved to strengthen compliance with the NERC Reliability Standards, Joy facilitated and led several teams in establishing, refining, and implementing procedures and processes to strengthen Tacoma’s culture of compliance. I addition to her regular duties, Joy also is actively engaged with the development and planning of the organization’s strategic plan.

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