Kari Baker

Kari joined BC Hydro in early 2007 and in her current role is accountable for growing a customer centric culture through projects, training and thought leadership with her small team of professionals.

Her most recent success was the role she played in enabling a new bill for all customers where she was the business lead – driving change with a clear customer focus while also ensuring operational viability. While at BC Hydro she has contributed to other successful initiatives including the development of a new customer strategy in 2014; providing expertise and scaling design thinking capability; creating and running a small business customer panel; and leading an emergency preparedness campaign for customers as part of the Outage Communications Initiative.

Prior to BC Hydro she was in charge of marketing and sales for a large national retailer who saw record growth and profits during her tenure.

She is a certified customer experience professional and holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts from Ryerson University.

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