Kimberly Ann Fremo

Kimberly Fremo is the Operations Services Manager within the Electric Transmission and Substations group at San Diego Gas & Electric. She is responsible for a multilayered organization with five separate functions, comprised of both represented and professional teams. She manages the training function transmission employees, as well as transmission and substation compliance, materials management, company-wide protective rubber goods, tool repair, live line tools, and transformer refurbishment and scrapping.

Prior to this role she worked as a Labor Relations and Human Resources business partner, Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations project manager, Employee & Organizational Development Manager, and in multiple training roles.

Kimberly enjoys transforming organizations into accountable, high functioning and quality producing entities, all while having satisfied and engaged employees. She has been recognized for her ability to lead effective change while in non-traditional roles by maximizing the power of technical experts while infusing business acumen, understanding of people, process and organizational know-how.

Kimberly holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Maryland and an undergraduate degree in Organizational Behavior.

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