Kyle Hitchcock

An entrepreneurial spirit is the inspiration behind a trademark ability to “find yes.” Passionate, intuitive and innovative with years of hands-on experience leading people; is known to be a frank, decisive leader with a proven ability to develop and implement comprehensive systems to solve organizational challenges.

Currently leads construction and engineering focusing on safely and efficiently building our electrical, communications and wireless networks. Member of the newly formed BDAC Broadband Infrastructure Deployment Job Skills and Training Opportunities Working Group; NESC-SC8; IEEE; Chairman IEEE-SA Facilities Joint Use WG4 & WG5, participating member WG1. Considerable knowledge in NESC, NEC, OSHA code and FCC rulings. Extensive knowledge in Joint Use, and contract negotiations with a substantial background in small cell, power and communications, wireline and wireless builds. Other experience includes telecommunications engineering, master electrician and power lineman.

Personal focus is expanding knowledge, building relationships and passing it on to others. Complementing a unique energy is the belief in courtesy and respect, doing the best possible in any situation and enjoying life.

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