Larry Andrews

Larry Andrews started his career with SoCalGas in 2010 as an Energy Technician Residential (ETR). During his time with the Company, he has held various positions, including Customer Service Field, Gas Distribution, and Gas Storage Operations, where he assisted in leading the logistic efforts of the Aliso Canyon incident and the 2018 Montecito Mudslide response. In his most current role as the Emergency Management Manager, Larry leads a team that manages the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and numerous programs such as First Responder Outreach, which involves working with federal, state, and local emergency response agencies throughout the SoCalGas service territory. His team is also responsible for the planning, coordinating, and implementing the SoCalGas company-wide emergency preparedness and response exercises and drills program, which includes activating a response plan and coordinating with both internal and external key stakeholders. Larry has an AS in Business from Barstow Community College and certification in Emergency Management through UCLA.

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