Larry La Bolle

Larry joined Avista (The Washington Water Power Company) in 1990, after spending several years as a regional fishery manager with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. He received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Fisheries Science from the University of Idaho and Oregon State University, respectively. In his early years with Avista, Larry conducted natural resource studies, worked in transmission facility siting, EMF communications, and special projects, as well as developing the Company’s first formal public involvement program. From 1993 – 1999, Larry was manager of hydro relicensing for the Clark Fork projects in Idaho and Montana. The collaborative management of the Clark Fork River, among two states, five Tribes, and a variety of federal agencies and interest groups, which was established during the relicensing, is still active and a model cooperative effort. In early 1999, Larry was named Director of Communications and Community Development, and also served as General Manager of Hydropower Development (a joint venture with Chelan County PUD). From 2000 – 2005, Larry was Director of Operations for Avista’s electric and gas business in Idaho and Southeast Washington, during which time he also established Avista’s Asset Management Group. As Director of Federal and Regional Affairs Larry worked on a variety of regional utility issues including settlement of several issues related to the Bonneville Power Administration, and litigation and other activities related to threatened and endangered salmon and steelhead in the Columbia River watershed. In his present role Larry is responsible for developing Avista’s electric reliability strategy and the application of asset management principles to reliability planning. He also manages the Company’s regulatory approach to reliability strategy, planning and reporting.

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