Lauren Sakamoto

I have been employed with Asplundh Construction Corp since early 2014. I started as a Planner and designed for about eighteen months under our California clients. In late 2015, I joined Asplundh’s Special Projects division which gave me the opportunity to not only plan/design, but to also travel and expand Asplundh’s Planning territory with new utility partners. In October of 2016, I was given the opportunity to manage the front-line operation of Asplundh’s Special Projects Northwest Division, which is my current role. Prior to my employment with Asplundh, I worked (interned) for Southern California Edison Company in Logistics/Scheduling and Planning departments during my Junior/Senior years in High School. Upon graduation and two years in internship, I transitioned to a full-time Program/Project Analyst position in Planning, where I spent the following two years. I departed from the Company after nearly four years. I’ve been in the industry for about eight years.

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