Leonard Huynh

Hello my name is Leonard Huynh and I am presently the Manager for Asset Capital Programs at Enmax in Calgary, AB. I am extremely new to my present role; started Jan 8. My group is responsible for determining asset health, developing replacement and maintenance programs and oversight of the programs during execution. I am Professional Electric Engineer and I have been with ENMAX my entire 16 year career. I have extensive experience the in design and construction of Substation and Light Right Transit Systems. Prior to my present role, I was the Manager of Engineering.

I see my participation in this program as an opportunity to see how other companies operate, meet some great people and learn a few things about leaderships. I am really look forward to this opportunity.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my loving wife and my sometimes adorable dog. I am sports nut. I play a lot of golf and tennis in the summer and enjoy a variety of other fitness activities year round.

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