Mark Esguerra

Mark Esguerra has been with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) over 18 years where he has held various leadership positions within the Company. This includes 13 years in PG&E’s Electric Transmission Planning Department where he was responsible for shaping the transmission planning and generation interconnection processes to support expansion and reinforcement of the transmission grid. He was also the Manager of PG&E’s Generation Interconnection Department where he managed the distributed generation interconnection process, as well as led various process improvements to streamline the interconnection of residential and commercial roof top solar, including behind the meter energy storage interconnections. In addition, Esguerra developed and implemented PG&E’s revised Wholesale Distribution Tariff (WDT) for interconnecting distribution level generation interconnections. Currently, he leads the development and implementation of PG&E’s Distribution Resources Plan (DRP), as mandated by Assembly Bill 327, which focuses on the integration of clean technology distributed energy resources into distribution planning, operations and investment.
Mark Esguerra earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from San Francisco State University. He also obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Masagung School of Business at the University of San Francisco. Esguerra is a registered professional Electrical Engineer for the State of California.

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