Mark Poweska

Mark brings a proven track record of building a strong safety culture, exceeding customer expectations and improving operational performance. As Tom Woods, Chair of the Board of Hydro One, said in the March press release announcing Mark’s appointment, “building on 100 years of proudly powering homes and businesses in Ontario, we believe Mark is the right person to focus on what matters most to our customers, employees, investors and all stakeholders.”

So, who is Mark? Some fast facts:
– Rural Roots
Mark grew up in Cranbrook, a picturesque town of 20,000 in southeast British Columbia. His mother’s side is Italian-Irish; father’s side, Polish. His family’s roots still run deep in Cranbrook.
– O Canada!
Mark grew up in true Canadian fashion – playing hockey throughout his childhood and well into his university days at the University of Saskatchewan. But as fate would have it, a knee injury led him to pursue a different career path. Enter: engineering.
– Utility Guy
Mark joined BC Hydro soon after receiving his degree in Mechanical Engineering. He started in an engineering training program and worked his way up over 26 years, eventually becoming the utility’s Executive Vice President, Operations, with responsibility for all aspects of the company’s electricity generation, transmission and distribution operations.
– Words to Live By
Openness, transparency and developing personal connections. Those are the attributes Mark values when it comes to being a great leader. He also believes in accountability and integrity to lead by example. His years on the hockey rink taught him well. “It’s a team environment where you need to rely on each other to create a win. The same thing goes for business.”
– Ways of Working
“We don’t succeed with a top-down approach. We need to work as one to thrive. To grow our company and to provide Ontarians as well as investors with what they need from us,” says Mark. “In any organization, it is critical that we value different opinions and different ways of thinking. We must create a safe space for people to come forward and express their ideas on how we can do better.”
– The Greater Good
“We do more than just provide power,” Mark explains. “We energize the province, we keep the heart machines going in hospitals. It is the kind of greater good that people come to understand when they work for a utility like Hydro One.”

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