Mike Mant

I started with BC Hydro in 2008, I was the GMS Electrical Operations Manager from Dec 2011 to 2014, had become the Peace Canyon Generation Station Plant Manager from March 2014 though 2016 and my current role is the GMS Sr. Plant Manager with BC Hydro.I have been involved in several different roles and groups within BC Hydro, the GMS Emergency Team, the Managers safety council for the Peace, the Coaching and Mentoring Pilot project and the Hazards and Barriers council to name a few. After I acquired my Red Seal, I then went on to get my Masters Certificate and gained experience in managing projects for 8 years prior to coming to BC Hydro. Having grown up on a farm in the small town of Coombs B.C. I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to live in a neighbor oriented community and I feel I have benefited by learning the value of a helping hand, commitment and punctuality. I stay active in the community thru the volunteer fire dept, and enjoy boating, scuba diving, hunting and fishing (although I am not a great fisherman and worse hunter). I have a small hobby farm with cows and horses that allows me to take advantage of the outdoors, and I always enjoy spending time with my family.

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