Mona Freels

Mona currently works for San Diego Gas & Electric as the Emergency Operations Services Manager where she oversees emergency planning, EOC Operations, and regulatory compliance for the utility. Mona came from the City of San Diego Office of Homeland Security Senior Homeland Security Coordinator where her projects included EOC Manager, Emergency Planning, Training & Exercise Program, Access and Functional Needs Program, Care & Shelter Program, and Disaster Recovery. Prior to joining the City, she worked for Heartland Fire & Rescue as the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator. Her responsibilities included development of emergency plans (COOP, EOP, and Evacuation Plans) for a tri-City area. Additionally, Mona was responsible for the Community Emergency Preparedness and Outreach programs.

Previous to working the government sector, Mona’s experience also includes non-profit organizations. She was on the steering committee to develop the 211 system and eventually work for 211 San Diego as the Chief Operating Officer as well as the American Red Cross where she held several key management positions, including Director of Disaster Response and Preparedness.

Mona has been involved in disaster preparedness training, planning, response and recovery efforts for over 25 years. She was involved in major disaster responses, both locally and out of area, most notably the Northridge earthquake, Hurricanes Katrina, Gustav and Ike, the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand and the 2003 and 2007 San Diego wildfires.

Mona Freels has a dual bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security & Emergency Management from National University, is certified by the California Office of Emergency Services with the Advanced Professional Series certification and has a Type III credential in 6 EOC positions from the California State Training Institute.

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