Richard Fields

Richard Fields is currently a Senior Manager with Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) Company–located in San Francisco, California. Mr. Fields has 25 years of utility service ranging from Nuclear Engineering, Substation Engineering, Transmission Engineering, Power Plant Design, Energy Settlements and Energy Trading; and, is currently managing teams responsible for PG&E’s Remedial Action Schemes (RAS), Special Protection Schemes (SPS), Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Technology Support for the Transmission Grid Control Centers.

Mr. Fields earned a degree in Electrical Engineering from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, and has earned several achievement awards during his Utility career.

Richard Fields (prefers “Rich”) was born in the great city of New Orleans and enjoys every aspect of Cajun food and Mardi Gras. After graduating from High School, Mr. Fields left New Orleans for California to study Electrical Engineering at Cal Poly. Mr. Fields enjoys life and travel with his wife and lovely teenage daughter.

Mr. Fields has competed in 17 Triathlons, including seven Ironman Triathlons, and enjoys any sport (ocean swimming, cycling, snow skiing, mountain climbing, marathons) that requires “full” health care insurance. Additionally, Mr. Fields enjoys international travel and sampling indigenous foods.

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