Rob Beidler

Rob Beidler is a 1990 graduate of Western Washington University with a degree in Business and Human Resource Management. In 1991 he began his Law Enforcement career in Snohomish County. With the Sheriff’s Office he has held various positions in Patrol, SWAT, Motors, and Special Operations. He was promoted into Command Staff in 2008. Since that time he has been the Chief of Operations, Admin Services (Budget and finance,) and Corrections. He is currently the Undersheriff and responsible for the operations of the agency.

Rob taught at Everett Community College for 10 years and has traveled extensively teaching Executives, Industry Leaders, and Emergency Responders the value of a safety culture. All of that teaching experience is centered around the safety of those that work with you and the safety those you serve. He and his organization are deeply invested in safety and use Below 100 as their platform. Their belief is that with a sound safety platform, committed leadership, training programs, technology, and partnerships you can drastically improve the odds of getting your people home to their families every day.

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