Roy O’Kelly

Roy O’Kelly is the VP of Business Development for Elpis Squared, a technology company specializing in enterprise scale grid analytics systems and distribution management solutions for utilities adopting smart grid infrastructure.

Roy’s career has been devoted to developing sophisticated technology products in the medical device, telecommunications, and electric utility industries. For the last 8 years Roy has focused on grid modernization in general with a special interest in the development and deployment of smart metering and the realization of its benefits. He has had the pleasure of working with Southern California Edison, Itron, and Lands+Gyr.

Roy has worked with Elpis Squared since its inception and is responsible for business strategy and new product direction. Elpis is dedicated to setting a foundation for the modern grid, and deriving maximum value from existing and new distribution grid assets. Working with utilities such as LADWP and National Grid, Elpis’ software platforms are rapidly building a reputation for product innovation, system interoperability, robustness, and exceptional performance.

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