Ryan Bradeen

Ryan Bradeen is a Network Manager for Avista Corporation. He has worked at Avista for 14 years and throughout his career he has had the opportunity to experience many departments. Ryan attended Spokane Community College to study business. He then enrolled in the Avista Lineman School in the winter of 2001/2002, and received top honors in his class which led to his career at Avista Utilities. He spent time as an electric groundman, a meter reader, and in generation production support services. The majority of Ryan’s career has been as a Journeyman Cableman. His responsibilities as a cableman are to maintain Avista’s most high profile electric customers in downtown Spokane’s redundant network system. Throughout his career he has led projects such as the implementation of a prototype mobile tool for job planning and information resource to make the network crews more productive and predictable. Ryan has recently participated in Avista’s Aspiring Leadership Program. The yearlong commitment has inspired him to learn about leadership styles and how to be an effective leader. Ryan has aspirations to pursue management and would like to apply the skills that he has learned to help build and cultivate a strong team environment.

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