Scott Bedbury

Scott Bedbury is recognized as one of the world’s top business minds for helping influence some
of the most respected brands today, including Nike, Starbucks and Airbnb. Since publishing A
New Brand World in 2002, he has delivered keynotes and seminars on brand leadership in more
than 30 countries across six continents, sharing personal experiences and best practices now
discussed in business schools and boardrooms alike.

Scott joined Nike in 1987 as Global Advertising Director to help reposition a struggling number
three athletic brand for young male jocks to a more relevant and ageless inspiration for all.
Together with a tiny Portland advertising agency, Wieden and Kennedy, he drove the launch of
the “Just Do It” campaign in 1988, bringing emotional firepower to three pedestrian words and
forever changing how we think of the swoosh. More than three decades later it remains one of
the most successful brand repositioning campaigns in history.

In 1995, Scott joined Starbucks as Chief Marketing Officer to help CEO Howard Schultz build
his regional American coffeehouse chain, a mission that would transform one of the oldest
commodities and a 500-year-old tradition into a welcome “Third Place” between home and work
for millions. By 1998, Starbucks had accelerated store openings from one a week to three per
day, opened its first international markets and wrote the foundational case study for experiential

In 1998, Scott left the corporate world to write, speak and establish Brandstream, a brand
strategy firm that has advised Airbnb, Apple, Facebook, Google, P&G, Coca-Cola, NASA,
Samsung, Casper Sleep, Ferrero/Nutella, Microsoft, Starwood Hotels, Tellme Networks, The
North Face, the US Navy, Corona and VWAG.

Today, Scott is nearing completion of his next book, a three-year effort to help institutions and
individuals alike understand how the greatest war on truth in history and rising transparency have
forever changed how trust will be built and preserved in an age defined by disinformation, digital
distortion and ideological disruption. Scott splits his time between Bainbridge Island,
Washington and his offsite/seminar facility in Bend, Oregon.

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