Scott Jacobson

Scott Jacobson has been working in the field of underwater cable both power and communications from 1970 to today. He started with family owned Jacobson Brothers Inc. in Seattle and worked his way up through the operational positions. In 1987 the firm was sold to Pirelli Cable Corp. where he managed numerous cable installations and repairs. In 1996 he left Pirelli and formed Jacobson International Inc. that was engaged in cable installation consulting and power generation siting and feasibility studies. In 2011 he began working with Harbor Offshore in market development as well as bringing installation and repair expertise to the firm. His cable experience has taken him from the Americas to the Middle East, Asia and Europe. He is very knowledgeable in installation, repair, maintenance, protection, permitting and logistics. He understands the customers desire for a long life span of a properly installed cable system, he places an emphasis on not only making sure that the work is done safely but that it is done with the least amount of effect to the cable.

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