Sedef Budak

Sedef Budak is the Founder and President of the Turkish Women in Renewables & Energy Platform (TWRE). She has been working in the renewable energy industry since 2007 and has observed and been a part of the energy transition in Turkey. She is the Country Manager of Vector Cuatro/Windfor companies, a subsidiary of under Falck Renewables where she performs lenders engineering on behalf of banks and funds. Sedef also consulting for the first gender loan for a wind power plant of the World Soma 4 WEPP in Turkey. She is one of the few Turkish women entrepreneurs in Energy. TWRE is the one and only pioneering organization for women in energy and engineering in Turkey, and as thus is having a great impact on gender equality and İnclusion. In her spare time she established a TWRE sailing team and attended the Mermaid Women’s Cup, winning 4th place in the IRC3 division. She has also been a paragliding pilot for 20 years and takes care of stray animals.

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