Seth Plaizier

Seth Plaizier works for Dominion Energy and for the past 4 years has been managing the Company’s Park City office overseeing day to day operations for Summit and Wasatch Counties. This year he has been assisting the Utah Pipeline Association teaching and training first responders how to respond to pipeline emergencies. Seth has worked for 18 years in the natural gas industry with a variety of jobs. He has read gas meters, spent over a decade designing and managing a variety of projects both in the transmission and distributions systems, from M&R stations, odorant stations, pipeline replacements and construction projects including managing the Company’s Tracker Belt Line replacement program.
Seth has a love for life, a passion for his work, a lot of energy. He enjoys working side by side with his employees and getting hands dirty. After work you will find that he enjoys spending time with family, camping, hiking, and kayaking.

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