Stephen Seewald

Stephen Seewald is an information system professional with over 30 years’ experience in the utility business. He first learned asset management on the job in Alberta’s largest coal fired power station in the early 90’s. He holds a certificate in Asset management from the Institute of Asset Management and has been published by IEEE for work on Reliability Forecasting and Investment Optimization. Over the past 20 years Stephen has held a verity of roles implementing Project, Work and Asset Management systems for both Water and Electric utilities. He is currently the chair of the Reliability and Risk Management Councils for EPCOR’s electric distribution business serving the City of Edmonton’s one million citizens. Stephen is a founding member of EPCOR’s Grid Modernization Committee responsible for developing EPCOR’s “Smart Grid” strategy. Lastly, for the past two years Stephen has been an industry advisor to the Graduate Student Internship Program at the University of Alberta.

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