Steve Woodward

Steve Woodward joined SAFEmap International as the Chief Operating Officer in 2011 after a career in the mining and CPG industries where he has held senior executive positions for over 25 years. Steve was head of Human Resources of Anglo American in Botswana in the late 1980’s, led businesses as CEO in the beverage industries in Africa and Europe and his most recent corporate role was in 2010 in the brewing industry as Chief Human Resources Officer for MillerCoors in the USA during which time he led the merger of the Miller and Coors companies.

Steve has led large scale M&A and change projects in Europe, South America and the USA. He is an Executive Coach and consults to leadership teams in the field of organizational change, leadership development and safety transformation. Steve is a member of a number pf private company Boards as well as being a faculty member of the Lake Forest Business School, Illinois.

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