Steven Eversmeyer

Identify employees needing OSHA and NW Natural mandated safety and industrial hygiene (IH) related training. Develop new training and continuously improve existing based on regulations, best practices and company policy changes. Interprets and applies company policy related to safety and IH. Design the training so that others can deliver the same level of information for consistency. Monitor regulations from OR, WA and CA for pending rule changes and identify potential impacts. Applies analysis, based on in-depth research and critical thinking to recommend solutions. Either monitor or arrange for consultants to monitor employee exposures to potential hazards (such as noise, silica, benzene, naturally occurring radioactive material [NORM]. Interpret the monitoring results for employees and management, offer ways to mitigate potentially hazardous exposures. Deliverables are based on my expert knowledge of principles, concepts, and theories related to safety and IH in general, including safety management systems.

Before joining NW Natural, Steve’s prior experience providing safety and health programs ranged from active duty military (Air Force), Oregon OSHA compliance officer, OR-OSHA Safety and Health staff Supervisor, and OR-OSHA Safety, IH and Ergonomics Consultant. He’s worked as a private consultant, and was the Safety and Loss Control Manager at the Port of Portland (overseeing airports, marine terminals, a dredging operation and all Admin staff).

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