Summer Loving

I started working at Itron in May 2011 as an Applications Engineer focusing on the ZigBee (Home Area Network) functionality of our OpenWay meter product line. In April 2013, I transitioned from the Marketing department to Research and Development to a team known as the Meter Farm. At that time, I was both a tester of our new products (FW and HW) for the OpenWay product line through the Meter Farm test environments, and I was also managing the FW Customer Sustaining activities. In May 2015, I transitioned to managing both the Meter Farm and the FW Customer Sustaining work. Myself and my team focus on the Network solutions (OpenWay and GENX) of the Itron products. Prior to working at Itron, I worked at Raytheon for 2.5 years. I received both my BS (2006) and MS (2008) in Physics with a specialty in experimental optics from Texas A&M University.

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