Suzanne Landon

Suzanne holds two Bachelor of Science Degrees (Computer Science and Pure Mathematics) from the University of Calgary and a Masters of Applied Science degree (Electrical Engineering) from the University of Waterloo. She obtained her Professional Engineering license (P.Eng.) in 2010.

With nearly 13 years of utility experience, much of Suzanne’s career has been focused within the traditional Engineering streams. She joined ATCO Electric in 2008 as an Engineer in Training (EIT). Suzanne has moved progressively into more senior roles with her most current position being Manager, System Operations & Geospatial. Holding various roles within ATCO has enabled Suzanne to develop a fundamental understanding of a regulated utility; revenue streams, regulatory regimes and financial frameworks. Her plan is to continue to leverage technology to create productivity gains.

Suzanne is married and a proud mother of two small sons aged 6 and 9.

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