Tara Laycock

Tara Laycock is an emergency manager, adventurer and passionate Sea to Sky resident. She has 18 years’ experience preparing for and responding to disasters possible in the pacific northwest such as; earthquake, wildfire, flood, avalanche, and tsunami.

She is personally resilient and uses incident command during event response, and as a proxy throughout daily work and life. She enjoys incident command’s guiding principles and steps to follow: establish leadership and direction, conduct risk assessment, effective communications, take action and stay calm, work with others as a team. As the lead of BC Hydro’s Emergency Management team, Tara supports embedding incident command to 5000+ employees so that they, and BC Hydro as a power smart organization, are effective when responding to emergency events.

Tara has a Masters’ degree in Disaster Management, Post-grad Diploma in Environmental Science, and a Bachelors’ degree in Earth Sciences, along with years of field and more recently office work. An avid recreationalist, she loves to be outside. Her travels to far-away places like Bangladesh, Iraq, and recently to the Republic of Georgia have given her an appreciation for different cultures and styles of resiliency.

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