Ted Zalucki

Ted is the CEO of a small infrastructure intelligence tech company, EII. He has utility wide experience, both as a consultant and holding various direct roles within T&D utilities. He has been involved in a number of initiatives, including project management, design supervision, work management, capital planning, asset management, risk modelling, productivity, process optimization and participating in multiple electricity rate filings in North America.
Ted’s background is in industrial engineering. He holds a master’s degree in financial engineering, along with a certificate in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Innovation & Technology in Engineering from the University of Toronto. Ted is also a LEAN/six-sigma green belt, a certified Asset Management professional, and professional engineer in two provinces.
Ted has first-hand experience with wild fires, during one of his own projects a prairie grass fire broke out twice and in one case spread across an entire quarter section of land. The cause of which was rooted in lack of powerline maintenance practices.

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