Tim Gasser

Mr Gasser was recently Manager of Utility Relations , West Region for Crown Castle. He has 20+ years of experience in wireless and joint use, working on both the utility and the wireless sides of the business. Prior to joining Crown castle, Mr Gasser spent 16+ years with Puget Sound Energy, where he managed all aspects of wireless infrastructure on PSE poles and property, overseeing some 400 wireless facilities.

Prior to working on wireless and utility joint use issues, Mr Gasser spent 10+ years in the nuclear industry, eventually coming to the Pacific North West as the Component Reliability Engineer for Portland General Electric’s Trojan Nuclear Plant.

Mr Gasser graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in History (BA) and subsequently earned graduate degrees in Environmental Science & Engineering (MS) and Management of Science & Technology (MS) from Oregon Graduate Institute / Oregon Health Sciences University. He is active in volunteer education, serving as a classroom instructor with Junior Achievement and as an outdoor science mentor with the science education non-profit organization Wolftree.

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