Trent Lemke

Trent Lemke has been the President of Ascent Helicopters since the company’s inception in 2005.
Ascent Helicopters offers aerial services for clients in various industries. Ascent specializes in hoisting, Class D, rappel, precision hover and vertical reference. A personal, hands-on approach to air operations and special logistics makes Ascent a unique talent in the Canadian aviation industry. With a commitment to excellent services and thriving on the development of exciting aerial work programs that set new standards for safety and innovation, Ascent is positioned at the forefront of the helicopter industry in Western Canada.
Endorsed on eight different helicopter types, Trent’s accumulation of over 12,000 accident free flight hours hones his specialization in: mountain flying, hoist and rappel, Class D, precision hover and vertical reference. He involves himself in every aspect of aviation including the development of programs, policy and procedure, legal, bureaucratic and maintenance. Trent’s project management capabilities, in-depth understanding of business and relentless pursuit of excellence continues to build Ascent and solidify its standing.

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