Tyrell Hillebrand

I am a licensed professional engineer in both Oregon and Washington State. I received a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Oregon Institute of Technology in 2005. After university I worked for the Washington State Department of Transportation for 10 years in various different engineering and supervisory positions delivering highway related projects. In April of 2015 I accepted a position with Central Lincoln PUD in Newport Oregon. Since that time I have picked up a couple more responsibilities. I currently serve as the Director or Engineering and Operations.

I love working in the utility sector. The work is challenging and rewarding and we have a great team here at Central Lincoln. While I enjoy my career as an engineer, my real passion is my family and the outdoors. I have been married to my wife Sarah since 2004 and we have one daughter Brynn who is currently 11 years old. I coach youth sports in our local community and on the weekends you can find us outside camping, hiking, rafting, fishing, scuba diving, and just enjoying the Pacific Northwest’s great outdoors.

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