Northwest Electric Meter School – Track B Presentations for Student Download

View the complete Northwest Electric Meter School – Track B agenda here.

Monday, August 21

Introduction to Three-Phase Meters
Graphic and Phasor Analysis
Vectoring Basics and the 1-Element Meter

Tuesday, August 22

Meters in Three-Phase Circuits
2-Element Meters
Introduction to Three-Phase Meter Lab
Three Phase Meter Laboratory
Instrument Transformer Basics
2.5-Element Meters

Wednesday, August 23

Reactive Metering
3-Element Meters
Testing Watthour Meter Lab

Thursday, August 24

Utility Changes to Available Fault Current Affecting Customer’s Equipment
Reactive Meter Lab
Seattle City Light Meter Shop Tour
Mobile Meter Training Trailer Tour
Verification of Meter Connections

Friday, August 25

Distribution Transformer Connections