Northwest Electric Meter School – Track D Presentations for Student Download

View the complete Northwest Electric Meter School – Track D agenda here.

Monday, August 21

AC Efficiency
Distributed Generation + Bi-Directional Metering

Tuesday, August 22

Advanced Metering Infrastructure Overview and Systems
Meter Data Communications Techniques and Data Collection
Advanced Metering Data Management
Circuit Imbalances

Wednesday, August 23

Power Quality Essentials (Fluke Equipment)
Power Quality Lab (Fluke Equipment)
Advanced Metering-4 Quad, TLC, PT/CT Correction
Meter Shop Automation, Data Management, and Barcoding
Roundtable: Introduction to AMI
Analog Outputs (0-1 mA, 4-20 mA)
Advanced Metering SCADA Applications

Thursday, August 24

Communications Demonstration
Harmonics Demonstration
Grounding and Bonding of Meters
Accuracy & Traceability of Reference Standards
Utility Changes to Available Fault Current Affecting Customer’s Equipment

Friday, August 25

Track D Roundtable Discussion
Track D Evaluations