Women in Leadership: Mentoring + Development

About the Course

This mentorship program addresses some of the opportunities and challenges that women face working in the energy industry, advocates for workplace inclusion and teamwork, and discusses critical issues related to attracting and maintaining a diverse workforce.

Formal opportunities for mentorship provide women in the industry with support for increased retention and satisfaction. Executive mentors and mentees are matched up across companies and then connect over a ten-month period virtually along with opportunities for in-person meetings, including the WEI Annual Meeting in September 2022.

This is a small excerpt of the feedback we have received about this popular program:
“It’s very helpful to have a dedicated mentor who’s a senior executive in the utility industry.”
“I really appreciated being asked tough questions and being challenged.”
“I think mentors get even more out of this than the mentees.”
“This program far exceeded my expectations!”

Participants benefit from seeing the industry through a completely new perspective as they identify areas of development to strengthen leadership skills and gain new industry knowledge.

Mentors are female executives including utility company presidents, vice presidents, general managers and senior directors with significant experience in the utility industry and a detailed understanding of various utility functions.

Mentees are female directors, managers, supervisors and front-line employees who want to develop their leadership skills and gain a broader perspective of the utility industry.

Applications and Registration
All mentors and mentees must fill out an application to assist in our matching process. Space is limited depending on the number of final mentors and mentees at each kickoff. WEI will contact applicants when they are accepted and match availability is confirmed to proceed with the registration process.

Contact Diana Zoren for application information or to find out more about the program.