Operations Business Strategies – Electric PDT

Program Development Teams (PDTs) are a diverse mix of energy industry professionals responsible for the content creation of programs. Role may involve subject matter expert recruitment, participating in planning meetings and receiving invaluable networking opportunities throughout the entire process.

For more information on this Program Development Team contact Jessica Grant at grant@westernenergy.org or at 971-255-4970

Committee Members

Chad Gish

FortisAlberta Inc.

Regional Director, Central

Jessica Grant

Western Energy Institute

Program Manager
WEI Program Manager

David Howell

Avista Corp.

Director of Electrical Operations

Tyler Nice

Eugene Water & Electric Board

Electric Division Manager

Kevin Putnam

Portland General Electric

Director, Utility Operations

Lanny Sawchuck

BC Hydro

Director, Line Field Operations

Tina Yanitski

EPCOR Distribution and Transmission Inc.

Director, Distribution, Electricity Operations