Secondary Network PDT

Program Development Teams (PDTs) are a diverse mix of energy industry professionals responsible for the content creation of programs. Role may involve subject matter expert recruitment, participating in planning meetings and receiving invaluable networking opportunities throughout the entire process.

For more information on this Program Development Team contact Traci Pepper at or at 503-688-2798

Committee Members

Ryan Bradeen

Avista Utilities

Spokane Operations Manager

Wenjie Chen

Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Supervising Principal Engineer, T&D Maintenance Planning

Samuel Helms

Avista Corp.

Operations Manager, Downtown Electric Network
Vice Chair

Craig Miller

EPCOR Distribution and Transmission Inc.

Foreman, Network Trades

Pallavi Sehgal-Sidhu

ENMAX Corporation

Senior Engineer - Protection & Controls

Christopher Steusloff

Xcel Energy Inc.

Cable /Supervisor

Clement Ting

EPCOR Distribution and Transmission Inc.

Manager, Downtown Distribution Engineering