Hands-On Relay School – Facilitator Application

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Applications are being accepted for the 2023 school. Don't miss your opportunity to apply to participate!

We are currently seeking experienced, enthusiastic, motivated Technicians who are willing to share their experience and promote a fun and safe learning environment, to serve as a Hands-on Relay School Lab Facilitator. The Laboratory Facilitator works in conjunction with the manufacturer and the student to give the student the one-on-one training that is so beneficial to their careers. We hope you consider joining us again this year to be part of the exciting week filled with lectures and labs for the everyday field Relay Technician trainees, apprentices, and/or Engineers.

The online application is the only way to register as a 2023 HRS Lab Facilitator and once registration is closed on January 15, 2023, we will begin to review requests and place individuals in the tracks. Please understand that although we try to accommodate your 1st track preference, with heavy registration in some tracks (such as Transmission), we may be required to place you in your 2nd track choice. We appreciate your flexibility and hope that a 2nd track choice is one you will be happy with.

Lab Facilitator Requirements:
• The Lab Facilitator is an experienced Relay Technician who is familiar with the relays and test equipment.
• Preferred 3+ year professional level Technician or have previously attended the school at least once as a student.

Benefits of Being a Facilitator:
• Facilitators develop teaching skills that assist them in leading and working with others within their company.
• Facilitators have the opportunity to ask factory experts specific questions about their relays and associated equipment.
• Facilitators, like all other members of the school, have the opportunity to attend classroom lectures on a variety of system protection topics.
• Facilitators get a renewed sense of excitement for the system protection business and develop a confidence that carries over to their job.

Learn more about the 38th Annual Hands-On Relay School here.

Applications are now closed for the 2023 school.