Daniel Tunnicliff

With over three decades of experience in the utility industry, I am a Regional VP of Sales at Opower, part of Oracle Energy and Water, where I lead a team of sales directors who help utilities use AI, disaggregation, and behavioral science to achieve their decarbonization and sustainability goals.

As a registered civil engineer and a holder of a master’s degree in civil engineering, I have a strong technical background and analytical skills that enable me to communicate effectively and persuasively with diverse audiences, from large, complex, and political customers, to regulators, and elected officials. I have a proven track record of delivering innovative and customized solutions that meet their needs and expectations, while enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

I am passionate about helping utilities and their customers adopt clean energy programs and solutions, reduce peak load, shift demand, and deliver water and energy efficiency products. I have also successfully restructured and coached several organizations and teams, improving their performance, efficiency, and culture. I am always looking for new opportunities and challenges to leverage my expertise and leadership skills to help utilities in the rapidly evolving energy and water sector.

Dan holds both a Bachelor and Master of Science degree from California State University, Long Beach, and is a registered Professional Civil Engineer. He has been involved in the utility industry for over 31 years, including 26 years in the electric and water industry. He has worked for utilities such as Orange County Sanitation District, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Southern California Edison, and Burbank Water and Power. Dan’s previous experience involved managing customer care operations, providing strategic customer solutions, managing regulatory issues, and providing safety and environmental engineering expertise.

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