Rishona Harris

Rishona D. Harris is an HR professional with12 plus years of experience. Her current position as Director of Talent Acquisition & Development allows her to provide strategic vision with a focus on how to attract, train, retain and develop diverse workforces. Before working for Centuri Group, Rishona was enlisted in the U.S. Army for six years as a Financial Management Specialist where she led her soldiers in accurately preparing and debriefing those mobilizing to and from deployment. Rishona also completed one tour of duty in Afghanistan securing the operating bases. She also worked seven years for Target Corporation leading and supporting important HR initiatives such as leadership training for store management throughout the Philadelphia area. From those experiences, Rishona has learned the key to any successful business is to develop a culture of respect, transparent communication and continuous learning. This is critical in her current role as she enhances Centuri’s leadership philosophy and training necessary to enable the organization’s significant growth plans. Rishona supports this belief in her personal time as well. She is a board member of the National Association of Women in Construction, Greater Phoenix Chapter. As Rishona hails from Washington, D.C., she enjoys good food and is an avid sports fan, even though it means enduring losing seasons. Rishona holds a BA in Industrial Organizational Psychology from West Chester University of Pennsylvania and MS is Organizational Change Leadership from the University of Wisconsin Platteville.

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