Steve Edburg

Dr. Edburg is a consultant in the Advisory and Planning group at Black & Veatch. He is responsible for performing market forecasts of electrical power prices across the U.S., including Black & Veatch’s Electric Market Perspective. In addition, Steve performs a variety of analyses for the Transactions group at Black & Veatch including Integrated Resource Plans (IRP) and market studies.

Prior to joining Black & Veatch, Steve was a Sr. Analyst at Energy Exemplar where he designed, developed, and maintained databases for production cost modeling in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Steve has experience conducting zonal and nodal power simulations, benchmarking simulations against historical observations, and evaluating forecasts to support transmission planning, IRPs, market analyses, and trading.

Steve’s background is in Mechanical Engineering and Atmospheric Science. He has conducted numerical studies of atmospheric turbulence and dispersion, fire spread and smoke transport, atmospheric chemistry, and earth system processes. In addition to modelling, Steve has conducted field campaigns across the U.S. on topics such as atmospheric turbulence and dispersion and well as methane leak detection from natural gas distribution pipelines.

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