Tom Gutwin

Tom began working in the System Reliability Department at BC Hydro in 1991 and focused specifically on reliability and risk management items for regional, station, and transmission issues. In 1997 he refocused his attention to telecom, by joining the telecom services group to work on the BCH lower mainland mobile radio system rebuild and later joined the group as a telecom system planner.

In 2000, Tom left BCH to work at an external telecom test and measurement company which led to him consulting under his own proprietorship. When BCTC was born, he joined them as the Regional Transmission Planner for the Fraser Valley and in 2005 was attracted back to BC Hydro to work as a Reliability Specialist for Distribution Planning. Tom is now a Principal Engineer.

Distribution reliability work has focussed on developing reliability and asset management strategies, targets and goals for BC Hydro. Specific items of work include the annual worst performing circuit list (URI), DA Overhead automation recloser program, specialized reliability knowledge for management and board reporting, and many data analysis & reporting tools to help planners turn system outage data into useful decision-making information for planning the distribution system.

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